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Tank Specifications

SCBS Tank Specifications

Capacity:                2300 gallons

Dimensions:         192 x 102 x 30 inches (16 x 8.5 x 2.5 feet)

Weight:                   750 pounds

Material:                 linear polyethylene

Color:                     desert tan

Standard Features

One piece rotationally molded – no seams to split or leak

Molded lifting lugs (2” pipe can be inserted for carrying)

No connections below waterline

Large (22 inch) manhole access

Can be buried up to 4 inches, 12 internal supports

Drinker is integrally molded

Stainless steel mesh all-species access ramp


Additional colors are available

Cross-linked polyethylene material

Artificial rock option minimizes visibility and provides shade to reduce evaporation

Closed top (no drinker) for use with remote drinkers

Reduced height manway / input / ouput manifold

Thicker walls (more weight)



Innovational Rotational Molding