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Conservation Challenges

The Wild Sheep Working Group of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) has recently published a position paper discussing the challenges of conserving and managing bighorn sheep populations. It covers background information regarding a lot of important topics and describes the group's recommendations for management goals and specific strategies associated with each challenge. Feel free to download and share the publication as much as possible.  For more more information about WAFWA click here:

To view the paper click here:  

Brewer C. E., V. C. Bleich, J. A. Foster, T. Hosch-Hebdon, D. E. McWhirter, E. M. Rominger, M. W. Wagner, and B. P. Wiedmann. 2014. Bighorn sheep: conservation challenges and management strategies for the 21st century. Wild Sheep Working Group, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.