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Video Dedicated to Nancy Andrew

We received a large cash donation a few years ago to name a new wildlife water system after NCrew low resancy Andrew.  Nancy Andrew was a strong advocate for bighorn sheep when the American Canal was lined with concrete.  Her knowledge and position as DFW biologist allowed her to drive the requirement to fence the canal (to prevent wildlife drownings) and to make water available to wildlife outside the fence as replacement for lost access. 

SCBS cooperated with a local property owner and were able to locate the new system near Amboy California.  The owner was very helpful and did the rough grading with their heavy equipment and also partially buried the 2 new tanks.  That saved us a huge amount of work.  We used 2 of the newest SCBS designed direct burial tanks.  The remainder of the work was performed by SCBS, including finish grading, plumbing, laying the Hypalon rain collection mat and installing a dedication plaque.  It took us a few trips to the site to finish all of the work.

We installed an infrared trail camera at the site and had photos of sheep using the new system.

SCBS member Debbie Miller Marschke made a short video of the work project.  Please view it through this link: