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Welcome Big Red!

retired GMCAfter 60 years of resistance, SCBS has finally purchased our own vehicle.  Previously, we had been using DFW (now DOW) vehicles under our volunteer service agreement.  However, due to the sorry state of the California budget, DFW has not dedicated appropriate funding to maintain and upgrade the DFW vehicles at Camp Cady.  The GMC truck was headed to Bishop for a new set of tires last summer but had a blowout and the subsequent damage was beyond repair - the DFW retired that vehicle.

The motor pool has steadily dwindled over the years from 3 vehicles to 1 Dodge that only works part of the time. 

We felt as the board, that it was asking too much of our volunteers to use their personal vehicles without at least putting in some SCBS funds.  Furthermore, few volunteers have the appropriate vehicle to haul water, pumps and tools.  We needed a 1 ton flat bed truck like the DFW vehicles.  Through some last minute phone calls, board member Terry Anderson  secured a significant donation to purchase the SCBS truck.  We managed to find a 2011 Ford F350 with dual rear wheels and a stakebed.  Although it has the V10 and not the more efficient diesel, it was a great bargain.  Many thanks to Mark Dickson for the very generous donation!  Now that we own our own vehicle there are a host of additional costs associated – insurance, fuel and maintenanceLast working DFW truck being the primary ones.  If you would like to help support our mission of Desert Bighorn Sheep conservation please consider making a donation to the vehicle maintenance fund.