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Sheep Show 2012

SCBS Representatives Attend WSF Sheep Show

Several SCBS members attend the recent Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada.  This is the premier bighorn sheep hunting conference of North America and a great opportunity to connect with our friends from other states.  Bighorn hunters and management agencies from nearly all western states were in attendance.  Steve Marschke and Debbie Miller spent some time manning the Ca DFW booth and filling in for DFW Sheep Coordinator Regina Abella and Andy Pauli (DFW retired.)  Vern Bleich, SCBS science Advisor (DFW retired) was also present and participated.  Regina was proud to announce that the raffle tags for the single zone hunt were available through the DFW website.  This is a new opportunity this year, in previous years only live auction tags were available.  Several tickets were sold to exhibit hall attendees through to use of a laptop computer in the booth.  Thanks to California Chapter of WSF for picking up the bill for the hardwired, secure internet connection.  Tickets are $5.66 each and you may purchase as many as you like.  If you have already received a once-in-a-lifetime tag don’t worry, this is a special fundraising tag and exempt from any restrictions.  For the first year, Terry Anderson of San Gorgonio Outfitters has generously donated a fully outfitted hunt to the winner.  If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet hurry up – the deadline is June 2.  First log in at:

Then select “Purchase licenses” and then “2012 – Hunting”

Steve Marschke spent some time glad handing with our existing tank customers and potential new customers.  Both Nevada Bighorns Unlimited and the Fraternity of the Bighorn were very happy customers, and Craig Stevenson (retired NV DOW) was offering very positive testimonials to wildlife agencies from many other states.  The Saturday evening banquet was culminated with the live auction of many bighorn hunt tags from North America including the California Open Zone bighorn sheep hunt tag.  Regina Abella was on stage to explain the details and pump up the crowd.  Considering the current economic situation all were happy to see the tag sold for more than $75,000.  All of the funds go directly into the big game management fund and get used to further wildlife conservation in California.  The DFW has been using the auction tag receipts as the base to apply for federal Pittman-Robertson funds which are matched at the rate of 3 to 1.  Many thanks to all of you hunters and outdoors people that purchase firearms and ammunition - your 10% excise taxes are much appreciated and have raised approximately $2 billion for wildlife conservation since 1937.