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Rainbow Project - Explosive Excavation?

In preparation for our next project, Marine Corps Air Ground CombatExplosives Center EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) personnel have ‘prepared’ the site for our excavation.  It was not deemed safe to allow volunteers to dig with pick and shovel in an area that has seen training activity.  Buried devices could pose a risk if struck with tools.  Also, the EOD group needs to have some training activities to maintain their readiness.  Hence Brent Husung from 29 Palms NREA (Natural Resources, Environmental and Archeology), arranged with the EOD group to conduct a training event and ‘soften’ the group for our project.  Brent Husung has been a great advocate for desert bighorn sheep and it has been a pleasure to work with him for the last 13 years.  Check out this hotlink to the base newspaper, they had a front page article in the printed version.

Here is a quote from the EOD guys: (bold emphasis mine)

“The training allowed us to observe the way the ground moved in the area,” said Sgt. Robert Bouchard, EOD technician, EOD. “Thanks to this, we know that the ground in the area is soft for a few feet then we hit almost solid rock. We are going back out there with more explosives so we can finish the task and prepare the area for heavy equipment to dig out to the depth they need.”Kaboom

A few feet is all we need!  Come on out and help us construct this project – Nov 20-22.  See upcoming event calendar for more details.

[images courtesy of Marine Corps]