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Faydee Repair Project

Fay Dee guzzler in the Orocopia mountains repairCustom Cart was tough. The team winched over 3000 pounds of materials and tools using a custom 4ft x 6ft cart. Over 2 weekends for a total of 5 days, the team moved material up 350 yards at a 50 degree angle slope using 1200 feet of rope. All this effort resulted in replacing a 70ft x 60ft rain mat, plumbing, 2000 gal water tank with a 2500 gal water tank at a total cost of $7000.00 and 65 volunteer man days to accomplish the complete project. We were blessed with rain the day after the project completion resulting in a 600 gal water collection. Always great to validate that all this hard work has the positive result we are planning for. 
Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to complete project and to Tammy for cooking for those that stayed with us at our home.

(FayDee Crew) I apologize if I misspelled anyRolling a New Tank of the names: Terry Anderson, Rob Yates, Ron Yates, Steve William, Terry Thomas, Rich Saxfield, George Sutton, Clint Humphreville, Luke Humphreville, Tom Humphreville, Tim Humphreville
Clay Gilbert, Marty Scottsdale, John Maney, John Maney, Steve Hart, Travis Spidle, Andrew Pontious, Nino Vanillo, Zack Mullins

Editor’s postscript to FayDee story– According to Glenn Sudmeier, FayDee BGG was built February 1983. It was named by Department of Fish and Game Habitat Crew Leader Lester Coombes, and he decided to favor the BLM Biologist that approved the site and memorialize it in her name Faye J. Davis ~ F A YE J. DAVIS = the name “FayDee”. Terry Anderson told me that, Finished Rainmatdespite the many days he spent working at the guzzler site, he turned right around and went back after the rain stopped. “I just HAD TO go look…”