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SCBS 2012 Annual Meeting

Annual Member's Meeting
The annual member's meeting and election of board of drector's was held at BassPro in the (former) Fine Gun Room on Feb 12.  Lunch was provided at no cost to SCBS by BassPro - Thanks! 

Current California Fish and Wildlife Commission President, Dan Richards (also a SCBS life member) was the guest speaker.  Dan covered a lot of topics and explained how the DFW Department and the DFW commission interacts and how the public must be involved in order to get the results that we need.

Camera Project Coordinator, Bob Burke presented some photos from that project.  Debbie Miller Marschke showed a short 7 minute video that she made from last summer's water hauling effort to Big Gees guzzler.  Copies of the video were on sale for $5.

The usual presentations were made regarding the Area Captains program, Spring Captain's program, Membership, Tresaruer's Report, Minutes from 2011 Annual meeting, etc.  Some of these were presented through PowerPoitn slides.  If you were unable to attend and would like copies of anything, please contact Steve Marschke.

A new board of Directors was elected by acclamation:  Bob Burke, Jeff Crouse, Christian Guntert, Jennifer Hinojosa, John Hybarger, Mark LeCompte, Norm Lopez, Steve Marschke, Karyl Ralles, Mike Ralles, Neil Ringlee, John Roy, Glenn Sudmeier and Gary Thomas.

There is still one vacancy so if you are interested or know someone that is, please contact Steve Marschke or attend on of our upcoming monthly board meetings.