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Spring Captain Intro

New Coordinator FOUND!   Arioch M'greene volunteered to take on this task.  Please help him out getting started in desert bighorn conservation.  Fill  out your forms and send them in.  If you need contact info, please use the contact us page to minimize the spam from the bots.


Much like our Area Captain program for big game guzzlers, this program is for volunteers that would like to visit natural springs and keep them maintained and available for wildlife.  Most of these natural springs are not completely free from human interference, some have small tanks or troughs to make the water available.  Since these systems have fewer plumbing components to break, the schedule is more flexible, you can go whenever you want and you don't have to visit twice a year.  Most of them will need periodic mud and debris removal and possibly light trimming of vegetation.  Even the Native Americans used to clean these sources periodically.  Many of these sources are very imporatant to wildlife and are the foundation of our water development efforts.  Keeping them clean and accessible is as important to desert bighorn conservation as the guzzlers.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact us for more information and to get an assignment.  If you have a favorite area or mountain range that you visit frequently, we can point you towards the important water sources.