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Weavernoy Inspection

After the successful project at Dr. Lutz, we had nothing to do. We decided to move on and drag the others with us. We caravanned down highway 62 and turned off near the aquaduct. We were headed to the section of state land that SCBS has leased from IMG 9932 Weavernoythe state lands commission. This section was originally leased by DFW back in the 1970’s but that did not renew the lease so SCBS picked it up a couple years ago. We had to fourwheel across some rather sandy washes and several had been recently rearranged by the rain storms. A little bit of scouting, a little bit of rock moving and a little bit of tow strapping and we made it as far as possible. We started hiking with Bill Tuck branching off to inspect Big Tamarisk Spring and the rest of us , Debbie, Steve, John and Andres, headed to Weavernoy. This system was built at the site of a small seep located by Dick Weaver and Floyd Vernoy, both of DFW and was subsequently named for them. There are two small check dams, the lower dam was filled with sand but apparently it was saturated as water was tricking over the IMG 2972 Weavernoy Brokendam. The drinker is built right at the lower dam with the tanks directly above on a small ledge. The collection source is a slightly taller dam farther up the canyon. We found that a 20 foot section of the 2 inch galvanized collection pipe had been swept away by a flash flood. It was found about 50 feet downstream and partially filled with debris. Not much that we could do other than take photos and notes. This system will need some pipe threaded or large hose to repair. Either way more tools to carry. Luckily there are several pieces of 2 inch pipe laying around from when the tank manifold was replaced with hose so we won’t have to carry in any 2 inch galvanized pipe. Stay tuned for a project schedule.

IMG 2974 Weavernoy Dam